Arkay Irish Whisky Alternative 33 FL OZ


Arkay Irish Whisky Alternative 33 FL OZ

Irish Whisky Alternative is produced in our very own bottling facility. Blended with Love. Clean and Healthy zero alcohol, zero sugar, zero carbs. You must Have Irish WHISKY Alternative on your bar.

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Arkay Irish Whisky Alternative 33 FL OZ


  • A GREAT OPTION – We don’t always want to have another but that doesn’t mean we want to go home. ArKay Alcohol-Free  Irish WHISKY Alternative is Clean and Healthy It burns like fire, this 100% spirit free is Produced in Arkay beverages very own bottling facility. Arkay Irish Whisky Alternative  is a great option for All and for those on medication or have compromised immune systems.
  • NOT EVERYONE DRINKS – It is increasingly common that your guests are going to want an alternative, and not everyone wants to drink sodas and juices.
  • MAKE FANTASTIC ZERO-PROOF COCKTAILS – ArKay gives you the best option in a one to one alcohol alternative. We have the flavor, mouthfeel, burn and nose of each of our alcoholic counterparts and will swap 1 to 1 for any of your favorite cocktails. Try it neat, on ice or mixed with sparkling water.
  • MORE THAN A RITUAL -. Arkay ON FIRE WHISKY Alternative combines’ hot and spicy cinnamon with the sweet, smooth taste of a Whiskey Fire. Arkay ON FIRE WHISKY Alternative is the true Alcohol Replacement to add a new twist to your cocktail. Clean and Healthy: ZERO Alcohol, no allergens, no GMO ingredients, gluten-free and ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, ZERO sweetener 100% Pleasure!


Cocktails recipe: 

  • Ingredients:

Irish whisky Arkay (60ml / 2 Fl Oz)
2 tablespoons of sugar`
1 lemon sliced in 4 piece


  • Preparation:

Add the lemon slices and the 2 tablespoons of sugar
to a glass and macerate.
Then add ice and the Arkay Alcohol Free Irish
Whisky and mix it.
You can decorate the glass with some apple slices if
you like.

  • Irish whisky Alternative is  truly unique and innovative drink.
  • TASTING NOTE: Appearance: deep amber.| Nose: strong oak  | Palate: dry and round
  • NON-ALCOHOLIC IRISH WHISKY is made with all natural processing.

Blended with LOVE, Crafted never distilled meaning No alcohol, No Guilt Ever.

We produce our own IRISH WHISKY Alternative in our very own bottling facility.

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Arkay Irish Whisky Alternative is Best for: Staying sharp, sober, and sophisticated with a magnificently mixable spirit substitute

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