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How Arkay Began?

The world’s first Alcohol-Free Spirits in 2007 and entered business in 2011 

Why Arkay?

*ARKAY is the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit since 2011, solving the ever-growing dilemma of Don’t drink and Driving.

Arkay Beverages is Creating “Real Alcohol” without any Alcohol”.

*Each of our Alcohol replacements is crafted (not distilled meaning without alcohol ever!

*non-Alcoholic Spirits: An alternative to alcohol.

-If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional alcohol, you’re for from alone. “Today we’re hearing customers ask for alcohol-free options everywhere and juices and sodas no longer cut it,” commented local bartender Bill Georges. “Wanting an alcohol-free option doesn’t mean they want a juice box, nor does it mean they have a problem, with alcohol.

How ArKay works?

 The euphoric effects of ArKay are due to a combination of the main actives’ ingredients in the formula (known as W.A.RM)

Arkay has a small molecule placed inside the drink. In contact with the tongue, the drink sends stimuli to the brain, the illusion operates, and the mucous membranes of smell and taste saturate and make the consumer believe that he is drinking alcohol.

Side effects and safety of drinking ArKay