Arkay is a Trusted quality name in Spirit Alternatives since 2011

The More You Buy the More You Save!

Discounts begin at 3 bottles save up to $25 a bottle when you order more

Delicious Zero Proof 

Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka  and Whiskey Alternative

Give You Options You Didn’t know You Needed

Your Options are Only Expanding with Arkay Zero Proof, Alcohol Alternatives with the Mouthfeel, Taste and Warmth of Your Favorite Spirits

Fake liquor

Arkay alcohol-free beverages are 100% safe to consume during the coronavirus pandemic

It Is Safe, And Smart, To Drink ArKay


No Alcohol, No Limits

Adult Drink

The feel is real, the flavor is real, and best of all, you stay sober because ArKay is, and always will be, Alcohol-Free. 

Enjoy Arkay Not The Alcohol

Arkay Zero Proof Cocktails

Arkay available also in the countries listed below:

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