Arkay Sophisticated Alcohol-Free Spirit Alternative is now on sale

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Arkay World's First

Sophisticated Zero Proof Spirits

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Sandra C.

Sandra C.

“Received timely, awesome packaging & I like the flavor kick that makes it seem like I’m consuming alcohol (the mission)”

Your Favorite 100 % Alcohol-Free Spirits ALTERNATIVE are now on SALE UP TO 90% OFF

Clean and Healthy : Zero Alcohol, Zero Sugar, Zero Sweetener, Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, no GMO, No Gluten, Friendly Veggies  

#Arkay offers 31 spirits, aperitifs and cocktails, including 14 types of #whiskey, #limoncello, #mojito and other #spirits. The #TennesseeWhiskey tastes as close to the liquor as you can expect from a beverage with #nosugar, #nocalories or #noalcohol. Drink it straight up on ice or visit its mocktail website for zero-proof drink suggestions.

Gift Sets 4, 16 or 36 Boxes

up to 33% off

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Arkay Alcohol-Free Collection

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ArKay Sophisticated Zero Proof Spirits The World’s First Alcohol-Free liquor Company since 2011

Inspired by You

2011 – 2021

2020 – Award Winner Arkay Drinks nominated -by the Scottish Spirits Association

2021 – The Best Non Alcoholic Drinks To Try Now –by


Arkay Vodka has a wonderful spicy warm aftertaste when combined with grapefruit juice and Sparkling Ice Grapefruit flavored drink!
Superlative 96–100 rating
Angela S
Verified Buyer
Gift Set Give Me 5. We love the products and the packaging is super cool. It was fun to try the different flavors!
alcohol free
Verified Buyer
Arkay Spiced Rum’s spicy flavor is the perfect combination with ginger ale and lime!
Angela S.
Verified Buyer
Love the products and have shared with other friends who are now ordering too!
arkay zero proof tequila alternative
Verified Buyer

Sophisticated Zero proof Spirits

Remember that Arkay Zero Proof Alternative is great straight or on the rock, it is also excellent for mixing.
Here are some great mocktails to try when your bottle arrives: