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Arkay American’s #1 vodka alternative

You ´re looking for the Alcohol-Free or a Non-Alcoholic, or an Alcohol Alternative,  or an Alcohol Replacement, or an Alcohol Substitute, or Zero Proof Alcohol Alternative drink ?

 You’re at the RIGHT PLACE  

ArKay True Alcohol Replacement

Amazing for Your Health
Indispensable go-to this October. We have 25 sophisticated & delicious non-alcoholic spirits. Discover the Arkay free spirits most suited to you and your palate.


Reduce & control your alcohol intake,
You’ll struggle to tell the difference 0% ABV guaranteed

Healthier Choice

Alcohol Free, Sugar Free Sweetener Free, Gluten Free, Carbs Free, Fuzz Free, no GMO, Friendly veggies.


Get some of the positive effects of alcohol with alcohol-free Gin, without the negative consequences.

Enjoy one of our Sophisticated non alcoholic drink.

Alcoholic Kick, with none of the next-day sick.

Each  of our Alcohol replacements are crafted (not Distilled) with natural extracts for a delicious way to sip your favorite

Are you going sober for October?

arkay october

Arkay America´s  #1 vodka alternative 

Nominated #1
by Good Mythical Morning

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Why would you drink Non-Alcoholic Arkay?

“Arkay Beverages Is Creating “Real Alcohol” Without Any Alcohol” –

Award winner  Genuinely better product


Nominated #1
by Good Mythical Morning - Rhett & Link

Non Alcoholic Spirits 25 Flavors Available To-Go October

by Good Mythical Morning
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"...the award-winning, and by award I mean Good Mythical Morning Award, winning non-alcoholic alcohol is vodka! Specifically, Arkay alcohol-free vodka..."
Luxury Digital
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"There are a million reasons not to drink - but the best one we’ve found Arkay Non Alcoholic Spirit"
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I will say you will NOT find another alcohol free vodka drink like this one out there, though. I saw one from the UK which I’m not looking to order and wait forever on.
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even all of the alcohol free gin drinks you’ll find include a botanical or citrus flavor that really doesn’t impress me to read about because I’m looking for something that tastes like liquor, not plants.

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Alcohol-Free Spirits | arkay bottling plant

World´s 1st Non-Alcoholic Spirits
Est. 2011

We are celebrating 10 years of changing lives through new beverages like non-alcoholic spirits, and looking forward to another 10 years of bringing the latest alcohol-free liquor innovations to you.

Arkay Team

Non Alcoholic Spirits

Arkay The True Alcohol Replacement
Enjoy the Booze Free Culture

Join The unique drinks trends to lifestyle Movement!

 Read on to find out how to make your perfect Arkay´s non-alcoholic drink.

Non Alcoholic Spirits | SUMMER IS AT THE CORNER

It´s our 10th Year of Business Excellence

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It´s our 10th Year of Business Excellence

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Customers reviews

What our Patrons say

Arkay Vodka, a great substitute for the real thing, whether for a healthy change in lifestyle or simply to use in long social “cocktail hours.”
Verified Buyer
Arkay’s Tennessee Whiskey Alternative is the only product on the market worthy of calling their product whiskey. I have tried all of them. Unbeatable in flavor!
Verified Buyer
This has definitely helped me stay alcohol free since 1/1/21. I drink it with a couple of jalapeño stuffed olives and a little juice on ice. Thank you Arkay. Service and delivery are first class. Oh and the packing is the best I have ever seen...
Ysabel G.
Verified Buyer
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