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As an Arkay Licensee, you could instantly become a leader in this revolutionary global movement

License Information for Arkay Beverages- The Alcohol-Free Bar & Lounge

Arkay Beverages Inc License comes with a proven business model, invaluable support, and brand recognition. These benefits mean you won't spend time inventing a system; you'll spend time growing your business.

Be a Leader in the Alcohol-Free Movement with ArKay Beverages

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Are You:
  1. A believer in the power of a sober-conscious community?
  2. Committed to offering a radically inclusive, alcohol-free space?
  3. Ready to join one of the fastest-growing markets in the world and revolutionize how people socialize?

If so, then you might be ready to become an ArKay licensee owner.

As an Arkay Beverages Licensee owner, you could instantly become a leader in this revolutionary global movement. Born out of our own decisions to live free of alcohol, which came right as the nonalcoholic beverage market and sober curious movement were exploding, Arkay Beverages has developed a formula for creating a sustainable alcohol-free social space and regional nonalcoholic beverage market hub.

The world is craving authentic connection and community. A growing number of Americans, especially millennials and other younger adults, are yearning for the peace, safety and clarity that alcohol freedom provides. Arkay Beverages is here to support and propel our communities along this path. Together, we will revolutionize how people relate to one another.

Together, we will wake up.

Reynald Vito Grattagliano – Arkay Founder

Alcohol Free Liquor Collection

Alcohol Free Liquors
28 Flavors are available, and still counting...

Alcohol Free Cocktails 
Soon to come a collection of 15 Flavors Ready to Drink packed in aluminum cans and glass bottles.  Available soon.

Why Partner with ArKay Beverages?

ArKay is the creator of the world’s first alcohol-free liquor collection, this new concept allows you to do good to others while making money by helping people to get away from liquor. Your success is our number one priority with many years of product innovation, our reputation in the industry is unparalleled. When you join our network you become part of a community of passionate entrepreneurs who are excited to help others to get away from liquors. Let us invest in your future and help you succeed. We offer our licensee owners:

  1. Comprehensive training
  2. Development programs
  3. Ongoing financial, marketing and sales support
  4. Comprehensive training programs
  5. Ongoing marketing support
  6. A unique concept, become the first one to open an ALCOHOL FREE BAR OR LOUNGE IN YOUR CITY.


More than half of Americans say they are trying to drink less alcohol, with 66% of Gen Z and Millennials saying so.
Millennials make up 48% of no and low-alcohol beer drinkers in the U.S.
58% of consumers switch between alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks on a night out
The past performance of the alcohol-free market does not guarantee it will perform similarly in the future nor should it be read to imply that Arkay Bar and Lounge license will experience similar growth.


Qualified leaders have the opportunity to join this Alcohol-Free Movement

As an ArKay Licensee owner, you’ll have the playbook, support, and access to inventory necessary to launch a full-service alcohol-free bar or Lounge in your community.

Bar or restaurant experience is not required, but are you a hardworking, dedicated individual with a passion for social responsibility and customer service?

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We look forward to connecting with you!

Reynald Vito Grattagliano and The ArKay Family

Doing good to others by helping others to get away from liquors and making money! 

To join the American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association you will find HERE

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