Arkay Alcohol-Free Peppermint Alternative



ArKay Peppermint Alcohol-Free Beverage  

The ArKay version of Peppermint is not a Peppermint and does not contain any distilled products.  Our master mixologist creates Peppermint flavors by mixing Peppermint aromas with other flavors and our W.A.R.M. molecule. All flavors combine with the W.A.R.M. molecule emulate the flavors, aroma and sensation of Peppermint.  (Production of our Peppermint flavored drink is not in the USA)

Arkay  Alcohol-Free Peppermint

Arkay version of Alcohol-Free Peppermint Flavoured Drink 33 FL OZ  is made with real mint natural flavoring bended with spring water that comes from an underground source that is find in the country side of Mexico.

Arkay respects the planet and uses 100 % recyclable glass bottles.



1½ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Coffee Liquor flavored drink

1 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Peppermint flavored drink

Splash of Simple Syrup

Garnish Chocolate Shavings

As always, ArKay Beverages contain 0 % A.B.V. / Zero alcohol and are sugar-free.  ArKay Products are pasteurized and have a two-year shelf life.  Fun and entertaining beverages for everyone, anytime, anywhere. What to drink, when not drinking

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Weight4 lbs
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