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Our Non-alcoholic Spirits Gift Sets are Perfect for Every Occasion

Social groups aren't perfect without drinks to step down the tasty meals and snacks. More notably, your choice of drinks for a specific gathering determines how much you and your guests enjoy the food at the party. Besides attending a party, you might also need drinks to give a friend or to sponsor a friend's events. If you are searching for a Non-alcoholic spirit gift set for any occasion, Arkay Beverages has an array of collections perfect for gifting.

The best non-alcoholic spirits are those made by Arkay Beverages. We offer the best refreshing non-alcoholic drinks that are perfect for your home gatherings or to present as a gift set. We use W.A.R.M. as a premium alcohol alternative, which allows you to reduce your alcohol intake while still having the taste and the burning sensation like actual liquor.

Our alcohol-free drinks are ideal for gift sets, light party drinks, and hang-out liquors. You do not have to worry about intoxication with our beverage drinks because they are 100% alcohol-free. The various drinks from Arkay Beverages that are non-alcoholic spirits are available in our collections.


Tasty Non-alcoholic Drink Collections

Cocktail Collection

The cocktail collection of Arkay Beverages includes the Pina Colada, best-seller Mojito, and Margarita flavored drinks. With zero sugar, alcohol-free, and zero calories, you can enjoy these three cocktail collections as much as you want.

Rum Collection

The rum collection is filled with bestseller alcohol-free drinks perfect for non-alcoholic spirit gift sets. The rum collection comprises mixed rum alternatives, Coco rum, Dark rum, Spiced rum, and White rum. You can purchase the drinks in this collection for $40.00 only.

Digestifs Collection

The drinks in this collection are carefully crafted to take care of your stomach and aid digestion after meals. Though non-alcoholic, the drinks are a perfect choice to consume after food.

Liquors Collection

The liquor collection at Arkay Beverages is top-notch and comprises best-seller non-alcoholic drinks that give you the sweet and burning taste of alcohol. The Liquor collection has premium flavors like Lemoncello, Amaretto, Orange Napoleon, Brandy, Peppermint, Coffee Liqueur, Blue Curacao, and Japanese Whisky.

Tequila Collection

The Arkay Tequila is a delicious alcohol alternative ranked in the World among the best Tequila, with 99 points. The Arkay Tequila is a fine choice to offer as a gift to your loved ones. More so, if you are looking for a good choice of drink to pop for a celebration, Tequila is the key.

Vodka Collection

A spirited gift set isn't perfect without Vodka. The Sweet flavored and alcohol-free Vodka from Arkay should top your list of non-alcoholic drinks.

There are health benefits to choosing alcohol alternatives from Arkay Beverages as gift sets. Zero sugar, zero calories, zero Carbs, no G.M.O.s, no gluten, and packed with friendly veggies are the right proportion of nutritional facts meant to be in any drinks for a gift set.

Choose Healthy Drinks Today!

When you choose a non-alcoholic spirit gift set from Arkay Beverages, you sign up for healthy living. Choose alcohol-free drinks from us, and experience the taste of the purest form of drinks without alcohol and health risks. So, Contact us, and let us fill your cups with non-alcoholic and healthy beverages.