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Don’t Drink and Ride

Shout Out!!!! Gypsy MC International Club !!!!! Don’t Drink and Ride, Unless It’s ArKay!!!!!


Flavor is on the caramel-y/bourbon end of whiskey

  It would never be confused for a high-end, or even mid-range whiskey. But with the addition of a couple ice cubes (or as a mixer with coke or ginger ale) you could almost believe you were consuming a bottom-shelf alcoholic beverage. The flavor is on the caramel-y/bourbon end of whiskey — confusingly, the scent of peat never shows itself in the taste — and is a bit more sweet than any bourbon I would normally drink.  

Maggie B

Smile on his face

My father has Parkinson he cannot drink any kind of liquors because he is under medical treatment since I discovered ARKAY my father is having every night a glass of alcohol-free vodka, this makes him very happy and he has again a smile on his face.

Ingrid B.

Very excited

I was very excited to find your company as there are not any other alcohol free spirits. Due to medical issues neither my husband or I should drink, so this was an amazing find. I was told that the bottles have a shelf life of 3 months after opening, we don't go through the liquor as often, so I was wondering if you would put out smaller sizes? Also. a while ago, I saw that you were working on beer and wine, any idea as to when those will be available for sale?

Karen Z

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