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We Create The Most Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Spirits !

Arkay Beverages is the leader in refreshing non- alcoholic spirits, and our superior products have made us the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit beverage company globally

Look no further than Arkay Beverages if you are looking for the best non-alcoholic spirits to create delicious beverages. 

Whether you’re a professional mixologist or just throwing some drinks together at home this weekend, our products are sure to satisfy you! With an extensive selection of alcohol-free beverages and months of research into creating each flavor, you’re guaranteed to find something worth sipping.


In addition, our site is perfect for navigating the delicious drinks world without needing a passport. We have it all, from alcohol-free spirits to innovative mocktail ideas!

We don't just make responsible drinking easier – we make it enjoyable (and a lot less embarrassing). With detailed reviews, recipes, and more – anyone can take their beverage game up a notch! 

It's time to get creative and say hello to an exciting new world of tasty, adult non-alcoholic beverages.



Top Sellers

Our Drinks

Arkay Beverages Inc alcohol-free spirits range from whisky to rum to tequila to pina colada, mojitos, and margaritas.

We make non-alcoholic cocktails that taste and burn just like real alcohol, only without the negative health side effects. Some of our best-selling products include:


Arkay Beverages Inc is the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit beverage company in the world. For more than 10 years now, we have stood true to our slogan, “The finest non-alcoholic sophisticated spirits the world has ever seen”.


We understand the power of alcohol freedom, a conscious community, and bona fide connections, so we strive to provide the best non-alcoholic spirits money can buy.


Head on over to our website and shop for non-alcoholic beverages. We offer you healthy alternatives to alcoholic drinks while still maintaining style and sophistication.


Our customers are our top priority and we strive to provide you with the best non-alcoholic spirits on the market.

Featured Drinks

Cocktail Recipes

A healthy alternative. Ready to serve and ready to pair. Our drink is alcohol-free, zero sugar and calories, made with all-natural ingredients and vegan friendly

See a full list of our top Mocktails

Strawberry Gin

Peppermint Whisky

Butterfly Gin & Tonic

Best Sellers


Arkay Beverages just got a huge investment from a Saudi Arabia fund. Arkay stock is expected to split several times before IPO. If you would like to be part of this, please contact me.

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