Arkay Alcohol-Free Mojito Alternative


Arkay  Alcohol-Free Mojito

Because we care what we drink and eat, our flavors and ingredients are all-natural with no allergens, no sugar, not fat, no carbs, no sweeteners, no alcohol. The result is a spirit alternative that delivers the flavor and experience of the original, without the alcohol.

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Arkay  Alcohol-Free Mojito

 0% – Alcohol
0% – Calories
0% – Sugar
0% – Carb
Gluten Free
Friendly Veggies

How to Enjoy:

ARKAY BLUE HEAVEN cocktail recipe

1 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Mojito flavored drink

1 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Blue Curacao flavored drink

1 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Rum flavored drink

Splash of Simple Syrup

Fill With Lemon soda

Ices Cubes

Preparation :

Pour the ingredients in the shakes & beat for 10 secondes

Strain & Serve

Glassware :

Cocktail or Martini


Weight 4 lbs


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