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In the light of India’s major halt to liquor sales, to which major liquor concerns have been calling upon the government to change, the world is beginning to understand the meaning of essential. Is alcohol an essential part of our lives in times like these? Ingesting a product that not only impairs our judgment but also weakens our immune system is probably not something we want to support when it comes to risking the lives of our families, friends, neighbors, and selves.

Alcohol has been at the core of culture throughout the history of the world. If we watch enough nature shows we’ll even see that animals find fermenting fruits and gorge themselves drunk. Religions and cultures all around the world either embrace it or resist it. That alone gives alcohol credence as a substance that life is either enhanced or hindered by. The fact that alcohol is so pervasive in our lives it has become good business.

We have a global economy that continues to expand. New products are introduced every day and opportunities to engage those products are opening due to this pandemic. When we look at alcohol, and what is really essential in our lives, we can easily see people turning away from it. This has been happening for quite some time despite the efforts to stop the market slide by those who make, serve, and deliver alcohol. This is not being caused by groups like AA or SMART recovery because, as unfunded nonprofit organizations, their marketing strategies haven’t changed in any way. However, the natural turning away from alcohol is a shift in mindset.

Years ago, I recall a winter that was especially bad, with large amounts of snow and exceptionally cold stretches. There was talk from people who worked at the zoo that animals were hording their food leading up to that winter. There is a connection we have to the world and that connection can drive us to do things that we may have not previously thought possible. Without concrete facts or reasons, we act listening to our instincts. The way forward is not going to be to return to what we used to know. New ideas, new products, and opening ourselves up to the possibilities and opportunities around us.

Since 2011 alcohol-free beverage company ArKay has been making Vodka, Whisky, and Rum alternatives. Following his instincts and moving toward that which he believed in Reynald Grattagliano started ArKay. Today more people are turning to his products than ever before. The entire line of 33 Arkay flavors allows those who want to have a refreshing and complex beverage to enjoy one without having to compromise their health or judgment. As increasing numbers of people are looking to step away from alcohol, and the world is give them good reason, Reynald is hoping to get the message out that our health needs to come before the old idea of alcohol as an essential part of life. Following the lead of Reynald many other products that have no alcohol have hit the market some of which are being distributed through traditional major liquor concerns showing that the market is only growing.

This is a new idea, Alcohol-Free free living is not currently supported by the media, marketing or most of the world, but we are turning to it, however slowly we are turning to it. Our instincts are moving us towards our own survival and alcohol is no longer seen as the best way we can invest in that.

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