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Today ARKAY is presenting the world’s first ALCOHOL FREE RUM which is not made from distillation or fermentation. Arkay RUM does not contain any fat, carb, sugar, and has 0 % alcohol however it contains 0.01 % capsaicin which is an antioxidant.

Rum is one of the world’s most recognized best sellers when it comes to liquor, there are literally hundreds of different types.  Our Alcohol Free Rum is also one of our top sellers and that’s why we dedicated a lot of time in getting the taste and smell right so when you’re drinking our Alcohol Free Rum you feel like you’re drinking the real thing.  Usually you can mix Rum with Coke and a few other mixes but most people like it straight on the rocks.


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Within the Caribbean, each island or production area has a unique style. For the most part, these styles can be grouped by the language traditionally spoken. Due to the overwhelming influence of Puerto Rican rum, most rum consumed in the United States is produced in the “Spanish-speaking” style.

  • English-speaking islands and countries are known for darker rums with a fuller taste that retains a greater amount of the underlying molasses flavor. Rums from AntiguaTrinidad and TobagoGrenadaBarbadosSaint LuciaBelizeBermudaSaint Kitts, the Demerararegion of Guyana, and Jamaica are typical of this style.
  • In Jamaicaparticularly, a version called “Rude Rum” or “John Crow Batty” is served in some places and it is reportedly much stronger in alcohol content being listed as one of the 10 strongest drinks in the world, while it might also contain other intoxicants.[32] Ska star Prince Buster, who had a hit called “Rum and Coca-Cola“, claimed in an interview that “when water was added [to rude rum] as a chaser the brew was so potent, smoke would rise out of the glass”.[32] The term, denoting home made, strong rum, appears in New Zealand since at least the early 19th century.[33]
  • French-speaking islands are best known for their agricultural rums (rhum agricole). These rums, being produced exclusively from sugar cane juice, retain a greater amount of the original flavor of the sugar cane and are generally more expensive than molasses-based rums. Rums from HaitiGuadeloupeand Martinique are typical of this style.
  • Spanish-speaking islands and countries traditionally produce añejorums with a fairly smooth taste. Rums from CubaGuatemalaPanama, the Dominican RepublicNicaraguaPuerto RicoColombia and Venezuela are typical of this style. Rum from the U.S. Virgin Islands is also of this style. The Canary Islands produces honey rum known as ron miel de Canarias and carries a geographical designation.

Cachaça is a spirit similar to rum that is produced in Brazil. Some countries, including the United States, classify cachaça as a type of rum. Seco, from Panama, is also a spirit similar to rum, but also similar to vodka since it is triple distilled.

Mexico produces a number of brands of light and dark rum, as well as other less-expensive flavored and unflavored sugarcane-based liquors, such as aguardiente de caña and charanda.

A spirit known as aguardiente, distilled from molasses and often infused with anise, with additional sugarcane juice added after distillation, is produced in Central America and northern South America.[34]

In West Africa, and particularly in Liberia, ‘cane juice’ (also known as Liberian rum[35] or simply CJ within Liberia itself[36]) is a cheap, strong spirit distilled from sugarcane, which can be as strong as 43% ABV [86 proof].[37] A refined cane spirit has also been produced in South Africa since the 1950s, simply known as cane.

Within Europe, in the Czech Republic a similar spirit made from sugar beet is known as Tuzemak.

In Germany, a cheap substitute for genuine dark rum is called Rum-Verschnitt (literally: blended or “cut” rum). This distilled beverage is made of genuine dark rum (often from Jamaica), rectified spirit, and water. Very often, caramel coloring is used, too. The relative amount of genuine rum it contains can be quite low, since the legal minimum is at only 5%. In Austria, a similar rum called Inländerrum or domestic rum is available. However, Austrian Inländerrum is always a spiced rum, such as the brand Stroh; German Rum-Verschnitt, in contrast, is never spiced or flavored.


Today ARKAY is presenting the world’s first ALCOHOL FREE RUM which is not made from distillation or fermentation. Arkay RUM does not contain any fat, carb, sugar, and has 0 % alcohol however it contains 0.01 % capsaicin which is an antioxidant.


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