Bars Restaurants & Night-Clubs Special 50 % Off : 24 Bottles x 33 FL OZ – Pick and Choose The Flavors of Your Choice
33 FL OZ – Pick and Choose The Alcohol-Free Flavors Available : Whisky (15 Flavors available : Bourbon whisky, American Whisky Canadian Whisky Cinnamon Whisky Honey Whisky Irish Whisky Japanese Whisky Mexican Whisky Moonshine White Whiskey Scottish Whisky Seed Whisky Tennessee Whisky Vanilla Whisky Whiskey Wash …) – Vodka – Gin- Rum (2 Flavors available : dark rum, Spiced rum)– Brandy- Amaretto- Blue Curacao- Coffee Liquor- Limoncello- Margarita- Mojito – Orange Napoleon- Peppermint- Pina Colada – Irish Cream- Tequila- Coffee Liquor, and more…
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