Own an Arkay Social Cafe in Your City

Invest in your future

Fantastic concept

Doing good to others and making money

No Franchise Fees Required


By owning an ArKay Depot- The Alcohol Free Liquor Store, you will be able to retail Arkay drinks to walk in customers, and to wholesale ArKay Drinks to bars, restaurants, hotels, food and convenience stores in your area.

Start up Expenses and Capital requirements US$

  • Starting inventory 15,200.00
  • Decoration (painting, shelving, banners, etc …) 10,000.00
  • Security Deposits & City Permits ( Insurance, water, light..) 3,000.00
  • Fixtures & Equipment 5,000.00
  • Rent average 2,000.00

Total 35,200.00

Profit Margins :

Closed Bottles to take away (retail sales) 50%

Fountain Drinks , Alcohol Free Cocktails and Beers 200 up to 600%

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