C’est petit joli c’est doux c’est fort 
C’est plein de couleurs 
Pour l’amour l’ennui ou pour la mort 
Pour sucrer les pleurs 
Rouge au cœur 

(Daniel Balavoine)

Lipstick for the men 
Lipstick for the girls 
Lipstick para sinores 
para sinoras 
für die Männer 
für die Frauen 
per signore 
per donne 
na té tané 
na té vahiné 
dia panna 
dia panni 



The history of red lipstick has a sexy past that’s 5,000 years deep.

Ancient Sumerian men and women were the first to invent lipstick!


During World War II, cosmetic advertisers introduced politically charged ad campaigns for colors such as Victory Red,” encouraging women to embrace beauty upkeep as part of their civic duty.  “Beauty as a Duty” became a confidence building motto in the US.  The concept of beauty as duty was used as a tool for promoting patriotism and encouraging women to become more active in the war effort. Women depicted in propaganda and advertisements always had perfect hair and makeup, even when they were shown as soldiers and factory workers. Being beautiful was seen as a way to keep up morale for the soldiers fighting the bad guys. “Victory Red” was literally part of putting on a brave face.

It symbolizes one of the reasons why we are fighting—the precious right of women to be feminine and lovely under any circumstances.

The Best Day to kiss your lover with a glass of Arkay !




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