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What is an Arkay Sales Agent?

Simply put, a sales agent is a person that helps find the right retailers.

sales agent

What does a Arkay Sales Agent do?

A sales agent is a person who finds the retailer that needs.

Thus, it’s their main function to identify qualified retailer that meet requirements.


This is how the basic process looks like

Step 1: You think of a retailer for Arkay Beverages

Step 2: You call the retailer to introduce Arkay products

Step 3: The sales agent will research retailers that meet specific requirements for quality service and ethical aspects

Step 4: choose one or several retailers from the list the sales agent provides.

Step 5: The sales agent acts as intermediary between and the retailer.

Step 6: The retailer gets Arkay products listed with all the specifications required


The sales agent works solely on a commission basis

For the time being the commission is around 5%

“When’s the payment due?”

→The sales person does all the work in finding suitable retailer for that will pay the 5 % commission amount to the sales person as soon as the goods are listed and sold at the retailer store


Start making money now and enroll in Arkay Beverages sales program

Start making money now and enroll in Arkay Beverages sales program 

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Arkay trendy beverages skinny cocktails.

Restaurants are now realizing that some of their customers prefer cocktails throughout their meal, and are being served custom designed cocktails to complement their menu.

In the quest to be hip and on-trend, and diet conscious, the modern craft cocktail recipes ingredients, have evolved with molecular mixology. This brings me to the latest trends Mocktails/Skinny Cocktail. ARKAY collection of alcohol-free liquor products. The taste gives you the same flavor and sensation as any alcohol based cocktails served today.

Restaurants and bars should consider featuring Skinny cocktails on their menu for guests who are counting calories. The market will see more of these drinks aimed to provide busy, health conscious consumers leading a guilt-free lifestyle.  They are as popular as some of the retro classics that are being served. Everyone wants to enhance their lives and their health in some way. When there’s a product that promises to help with our health or with our well-being, we tend to give it a second look to see what it might be able to offer. ARKAY provides this latest trend.

People love things that are new and different, so these drinks tend to be more popular than ever. And with cool colors. People will love to sit around, sipping and enjoying the taste of this new age beverages.

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