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Go Sober this October

A month-long detox is hard, but we’re here to make it easier.

if you’re hosting a party or heading for a night out this month, chances are someone in the group won’t be drinking.

To mark Sober October, we asked our barmaid,  for their top non-alcoholic cocktails to make at home. We’ve also rounded up Arkay best booze replacements to  keep in your own drinks cabinet.

vodka 100%alcohol free

Enjoy Arkay Not the Alcohol!


Arkay Signature Cocktails

Arkay is a great tasting option that will give your Zero Proof Cocktails, the kick and burn you’re looking for with absolutely no guilty.

Tequila Cocktail

100% Alcohol Free

Whiskey Cocktail

100% Alcohol Free

Sake Cocktail

100% Alcohol Free
available soon

Go Sober OctoberWe’re here to make it easier

Buy 3 bottles and get 5 | *2 extra bottles are your Sober October Gift

No GMO, no Sugar, no sweetener, 100% Alcohol Free Spirits

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