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Enjoy The Aroma, Not The Alcohol With ArKay Zero Proof

Enjoy The Aroma, Not The Alcohol With ArKay Zero Proof

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Enjoy The Aroma, Not The Alcohol With ArKay Zero Proof, American-Made Spirit Alternatives That Echo The Taste, Nose, Burn Of Traditional Liquor​

Being the designated driver on a night out might be the sensible option, but it’s not always fun spending an evening downing fizzy drinks in place of shots and fancy cocktails.

Texas-based drinks company Arkay has come to the rescue with the launch of Arkay Zero Proof – a range of alcohol-free gin and whiskey alternatives that replicate the flavor (and burn) of their alcoholic siblings.

The first alcohol-free gin and whisky alternatives to be made in the Americas with top notes of juniper berries, the alcohol-free gin flavored drink features a mixture of all-natural aromas, topped off with hints of mint.

The alcohol free whisky flavored drink on the other hand, features hints of honey with the aroma of American Oak and hints of caramel. it’ll play power chords on your tongue”. It’s basically magical.

Arkay is the creator since 2011

Arkay is the creator since 2011 of the booming alcohol-free drinks market, the N/A gin and N/A whisky can be used in the exact same way you’d use the alcoholic alternative, and because of their bold flavors, you can add overpowering mixers .

The best part? 

Whereas there’s about ZERO calories in a single shot of N/A spirits, and with no gluten, nuts or tree-nuts or alcohol, ARKAY brand even suggest enjoying the joyous placebo effects that could offer.

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