Easy Private Label Program


  • Custom formulation available
  • Easy Private Label Program
  • Packaging Options | Your Brand Alcohol Free Spirits
  • 1000 Bottles Minimum Required  per blend Easy Private label Program with fabulous blends that we will create for you


How to get started

After many years as a private label product manufacturer ArKay Beverages has determined exactly how to give you everything that you have ever wanted in alcohol free drinks and beverages of all kinds . ArKay is prepared to meet a new demand for natural or almost organic formulations and has developed a new 1000 bottles minimum run private label program. 
2 options are available.

Who can participate in the Arkay Private Label Program

This program is geared towards Bars, Clubs, Distributors, Health food stores Business owners- Entrepreneurs, startups, existing business Wellness centers, alternative health care providers and beverages distributors.

How it works:

Option 1:

Your Label with your Own Blend

Option 2:

Your Label with Arkay Blend

Option 1:

Your own creation

Step 1:

Arkay will develop your own Exclusive creation for only $10,000. Under your direction Arkay will create the perfect blend for you, it may take up to 90 days between sending samples of blends to you back and forth and awaiting for your comments or suggestions, if necessary we will start over again and again until perfection is reached.

Step 2: 

Once the blend is approved by you Arkay will send you 48 full size liter bottles for market testing.

Step 3: 

Choose your packaging and Artwork to get ready for industrial production

We ship the drinks prepackaged in Arkay bottles , if you choose to use your own bottles and caps , we are OK with that at an extra cost

Step 4:

If you choose to use Arkay standard glass bottle it will cost you $10,000 for 1,000 bottles or $10 per bottle, if you choose a special packaging the cost may increase from $10 up to $25 per bottle depending of the complexity of the packaging.



We will create one artwork for you based on our label templates that will include the FDA guidelines.

Option 2:

Your Label with  Arkay Blend

Step 1:  

Arkay will develop your Private Label Brand using Arkay standard formulation , the total cost is $10,000 for 1000 bottles paid up front.

Step 2: 

Once you approve the label Arkay will ship you 1000 full size one liter bottles.

Your drink will be packaged in Arkay standard glass bottles.

Great but…

What can be expected from Arkay to create the formula?

Arkay will create for you an exclusive & unique blend upon your directions.

Does the client own the final recipe?

The unique blend creation will be yours forever and will not be shared with your competitors.

What about the W.A.R.M molecule ? 

This is a key element in the blend that Arkay will create for you, the W.A.R.M molecule shall always remain the sole property of Arkay , as you know the W.A.R.M molecule is a key ingredient in all Arkay drinks since the time ArKay started the ‘’alcohol free spirits’’ movement over 10 years ago.



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