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Online retailer Arkay has partnered with DoorDash to provide one-hour delivery in all markets where the online retailer currently operates or intends to provide service.
arkay alcohol free vodka alternative

ArKay is


looking to increase its presence in zero proof liquor delivery against a backdrop of strong customer interest in pickup services.

Alcohol Free Spirits delivery for retailers and wholesalers

Connect with million of customers already on by tapping into Arkay delivery program just for zero proof alcohol retailers and wholesalers. Grow your business- all while maintaining compliance with local non-alcohol delivery laws.

How it works

Arkay will supply you with an inventory of 120 bottles in 6 flavors (Alcohol-free Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Brandy). The merchandise is a consignment at no cost to you (meaning you do not have to pay anything). You will receive $10 per bottle every time a order is placed and picked up by a driver. There is no need to package the product, just take the bottles from the box and give to the driver as is.

How do we alert you to prepare an order

All orders from consumers will be placed through Arkay Beverages/ App and you will receive an alert each time an order is placed.

How you get paid

You will get paid daily by ACH transaction (direct deposit to your bank account or credit card).

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Consignment program

Arkay Consignment program

Together we can make a difference – Drinking when you are not drinking
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