Coronavirus ‘s quarantine

Are you being affected by Coronavirus and quarantine?

Feel free to share your story, we are in this together.

The World Health Organization says that, for the majority of people, coronavirus doesn’t pose a health threat. 80 percent of the people who contract the virus only experience only mild symptoms. However, people who have certain pre-existing health conditions or are aged (over 60) are particularly vulnerable to more serious side effects. Those who are fit and healthy are being urged to take precautions to help protect these groups and limit the spread of the virus

The current advice from World Health Organization is that if you do not have symptoms (such as a cough or fever) you can continue your life as normal, simply practicing good hygiene.

But some schools, workplaces and individuals have taken extra precautions, asking people to stay at home.

And for small businesses and those working in hard-hit sectors such as the tourism sector, the uncertainty caused by the virus has put some people’s jobs and income in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, the increasing restrictions on travel as a result of the coronavirus have meant reduced business and leisure travel, with the aim of delaying the spread and reducing the burden on healthcare services. We know that for our readers this may have an especially big impact; perhaps you have had to cancel a trip home to see family, and don’t know when you will next get the chance, or perhaps you’re concerned about the impact of the virus on your impending overseas move? If you’ve been affected by the virus,

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