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We Have The Best Selection of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails!

There are many reasons why you should shop for non-alcoholic beverages. You could be trying to reduce your alcohol intake and planning on living a life of sobriety, or you would wish to eliminate high-calorie drinks from your diet. Whatever the reason, non-alcoholic beverages are the best options in today’s world. They taste just like alcohol, without the dreaded ‘high’ and hangovers associated with taking alcohol.

At ArKay Beverages Ltd, we deal with the most refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and offer a whole list of products for you. So bring your friends over and look at how much more fun your life can be!

Our Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Selection

Our distilled non-alcoholic spirits are considered unique and innovative for the sober community. Make our non-alcoholic cocktails that taste precisely like alcohol and have the same kick and burn. 

Our alcohol-free spirits are made with a molecule known as W.A.R.M., which stimulates the brain when in contact with the tongue. It causes the mucous membranes of taste and smell to saturate, making consumers believe they are drinking alcohol.

Here’s a look at our incredible selection!

Arkay Zero Proof PINA Colada

Our Zero Proof PINA COLADA flavored drink comes in a one-liter bottle. Indulge in this exotic and refreshing non-alcoholic drink infused with coconut cream and milk with pina colada’s smooth and silky texture.

It gives a tangy punch of fresh pineapple that’s added to the healthy kick of your favorite tropical tipple - Rum. This refreshing non-alcoholic drink tastes like real alcohol and has a thick punch to it. It is clean with zero calories, zero sugar, no GMO, zero carbs, friendly veggies, and no gluten!

Arkay Zero Proof Mojito

Our Arkay Zero-proof Mojito flavored drink is a best seller! It tastes like a fizzy mint line that’s a little bit sweet. You cannot taste the rum in this drink.

It is the best non-alcoholic spirit drink! Add some soda or juice as you like for classics like Pink Mojitos and Cuban Mojitos. This drink has zero sugar, zero calories, no GMO, friendly veggies, and zero carbs, and it's healthy and clean.

Arkay’s Zero Proof Margarita

Our Zero Proof Margarita flavored drink tastes both sweet and sour. It is the sweetest balance in a drink with a refreshing bitter flavor. It is the perfect non-alcoholic drink blend of triple sec and tequila. 

Margaritas are traditionally made using tequila, fresh lime juice, and triple sec. This is exactly how we do it, and our classic alcohol-free spirits - margarita cocktails with inspired mixology- require a dash of soda or juice to give it a magic touch. 

This is a healthy and clean drink with zero calories, zero sugar, no GMO, zero carbs, friendly veggies, and absolutely no gluten! The perfect non-alcoholic drink combination!

Shop All Your Non-Alcoholic Drinks From Us!

At Arkay Beverages LTD, we are all about non-alcoholic drinks. Our cocktails are made with traditional ingredients such as tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice. We have plenty of alcohol-free liquors, non-alcoholic beers, and non-alcoholic cocktails. These have 0% alcohol and make excellent drinks, but they can also be mixed with other low-calorie and alcohol-free beverages.

Here’s a look at what we have on offer:

Check out our website for more non-alcoholic drink options. We are the leaders in alternative alcohol and would love to be part of your parties and celebrations!