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It’s not Alcohol. It’s Arkay

It’s not Alcohol.
It’s Arkay!

I take a look at the company

Their inspiration and history to find out how they have revolutionised the spirit industry.

have positioned themselves as the leaders in a rather niche market. As the world’s first 0% ABV non-alcoholic spirit, Arkay have become specialists in a market ripe for the taking

Alcohol consumption is down around the world

as Millennials and Generation Z turn away from the behaviours of their parents towards an altogether healthier path, preferring alcohol-free alternatives. Since 2011, Arkay have been the pioneers at the forefront of this new market, and today, they boast a wide variety of alcohol-free spirits including: whisky, vodka, brandy, rum, amaretto, gin, bourbon and tequila – to name but a few, perfect for even the most discerning of tastes.

Arkay’s success, arguably, has been down to the strength of their core vision and ethos

The company’s founder, Reynald Vito Grattagliano, was one of a few that realised this shift in taste before it became the norm. All in all, Arkay is a reflection of Reynald in more ways than one. Its worldwide appeal acts as a mirror to his experiences as a young boy travelling around Europe and the Middle East before settling in the United States.

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Arkay's success

Its ability to mimic the ‘kick’ and flavour of alcohol, without any of the negative effects

contains no sugar, no fat, no calories, no additive chemicals – no side effects at all

It closely follows the European Economic Community (EEC) and the US Food and Drug Administration regulations

being both Halal and Kosher

Gluten Free and Friendly veggies

Glass Bottle Arkay is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity

More than anything, Arkay feels like a triumph in timing, talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Its meteoric rise in popularity came at just the right time, when consumers were eager for new blood – to taste something different that disrupts the traditionally stable marketplace. How long has it been since a truly new product entered the beverage market, enticing a new wave of consumers to adopt a new favourite? The last eight years have certainly proved the perfect litmus test, showcasing that there is a desire for non-alcoholic beverages that feel, distinctly, grown up, sitting proudly alongside the industry’s mainstays.

Thriving under these market conditions, Arkay has solidified itself as a real contender, moving to conquer the alcoholic beverages sector with a confidence that few can match. It seems certain then that Arkay’s goals to become the number one beverage company are not just pipe dreams, but a possibility.

No small feat indeed for a drink that was created from an off-hand joke 🙂

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Arkay Beverages launches a nationwide advertising campaign for the world’s first alcohol free whisky

Arkay Beverages launches a nationwide advertising campaign for the world’s first alcohol free whisky


Arkay billboards are now in Times Square, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Nashville.

Arkay Beverages, a leading producer of alcohol-free liquor flavored drinks, is preparing to go public in the US. A growing enterprise, Arkay produces drinks with the burn and kick of alcohol with none of the negative effects associated with a night of drinking. Founder Reynald Vito Grattagliano began work on the W.A.R.M. molecule to mimic the taste and feel of alcohol in 2007, and started to add the flavors of whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, brandy and more in 2011. This new concept of alcohol-free adult beverages grew into a diverse product line that features no alcohol, calories, carbs, sugar or sweetener that is gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Arkay is also entering the cannabis-infused drink market with the world’s first cannabis-infused alcohol-free liquors, cocktails and beers.

non Alcoholic Rum





Non Alcoholic Vodka


CBD flavored

CBD infused

Non Alcoholic Whisky

Bourbon Flavored

Scottish Flavored

Irish Flavored


Since its creation, the company has experienced exponential growth with millions of consumers enjoying Arkay products every day. Arkay is a global brand currently available in over 120 countries. With new products set to hit shelves over the next 3 years, Arkay is gearing up for a wider launch in the US by going public on June 30, 2019. As a part of this, Arkay looks to create a cash bonus program for staff and to create liquidity for shareholders. In September 2019, Arkay is launching a multi-million dollar advertising campaign encompassing car, airline, and yacht magazines reaching over 100 million readers each month.

In 2017, Arkay reached $25 million in sales, and in 2018, saw $300 million. Arkay has set an internal goal of $1 Billion in revenue by 2021 with products such as alcohol-free beer, alcohol-free cocktails, and flavored cannabis-based liquors, and the opening of distribution centers in 200 US and International markets.

Alcohol Free Whisky Collection

Arkay Alcohol Free AMERICAN Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free BOURBON Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free CANADIAN Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free CINNAMON Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free HONEY Whisky Flavored Drink  
Arkay Alcohol Free IRISH Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free JAPANESE Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free SCOTTISH Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free TENNESSEE Whisky Flavored Drink 3
Arkay Alcohol Free VANILLA Whisky Flavored Drink 
Arkay Alcohol Free REGULAR Whisky Flavored Drink 33 


Arkay is designed to allow anyone to enjoy liquor-flavored beverages without guilt. Arkay products can be used by those with religious or medical limitations on alcohol consumption, as well as recovering addicts, pregnant women, designated drivers, and those using prescription medication. Nearly 60% of Americans, the highest amount to date, are restricted in their alcohol use due to prescription drugs. Many of these include antidepressants and treatments for high cholesterol and diabetes. Arkay beverages contain no alcohol, calories, carbs or gluten, and can be enjoyed by those with drug-related limitations on alcohol use. Additionally, Arkay beverages are consumed every day by millions of people looking for a smart solution to the global alcoholism problem. While Arkay products are not medicine and not promoted for medicinal use, they can be enjoyed for a placebo effect similar to regular liquors without any of the unhealthy side effects.

Unlike alcohol, Arkay is not constrained by market regulations, allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere. It is possible for Arkay products to be sold in coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and liquor stores, bars and night clubs, university campuses, and hotels. Because it contains no alcohol, a liquor license would not be required to sell Arkay products. With a suggested retail price of less than $3 USD, Arkay can become a mass market drink for everyone to enjoy.


Arkay drinks are approved by EEC Food Regulators, FDA Food & Drug Administration in the USA and SFDA , Arkay drinks are conformed Halal and Kosher.

About us: Arkay Beverages, founded in 2011, is a leading global producer and distributor of alternative adult beverages, included alcohol-free liquor flavored beverages. ARKAY ® , DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE UNLESS IT’S ARKAY ® IT’S NOT ALCOHOL, IT’S NOT WHISKY, IT’S ARKAY ®
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Arkay Alcohol-Free Vodka Flavored Drink

The world’s first alcohol free flavored drink is specifically targeted for all consumers who would like to enjoy the exceptional taste, but cannot drink or should not drink for either medical reasons or religious beliefs. ArKay tastes and looks exactly like traditional vodka. It is suitable for drinking straight up or in your favorite cocktail.



ArKay is perfect for modern Art Cocktails, the taste gives you the same sensation as any other alcohol based cocktails served today. ArKay is great to enjoy with a group of friends, ArKay is worry free and guilt free. With ArKay you don’t have to choose between having fun and being safe.

ArKay alcohol-free vodka is for all barmen, mixologist, women etc. Whether you are a weight watcher, carb counter, or simply the DD of the night, Arkay will always be your best Wingman!

We are sure these diet friendly drinks will surprise you.

Arkay has a small molecule placed inside the drink. In contact with the tongue, the drink sends stimuli to the brain, the illusion operates, and the mucous membranes of smell and taste saturate and make the consumer believe that he is drinking alcohol.

Side Effects & Safety Of Drinking ArKay

No Hangovers

One of the big benefits of drinking Arkay instead of alcohol is that it will not overly dehydrate your body or fill it with the toxins that lead to headaches and hangovers. While Arkay won’t impair your cognitive abilities and mental clarity in the same way that alcohol does.


ArKay has been proven to be non-addictive. Unlike other substances, drinking Arkay is not habit forming and you will not build up a tolerance to the effects of drinking ArKay causing you to need to drink more each time. In fact, the exact opposite has been show, that the beneficial effects of a drink of Arkay can be felt even more when it is drank on subsequent occasions. This is because of the distinctive way that Arkay affects the brain.

Arkay Culture

Over the six years, the popularity of ArKay has been increasing worldwide as more and more people discover the benefits of drinking ArKay can bring. Numerous Arkay bars and alcohol free liquor shops will open soon in the U.S and worldwide

The drink has been developed as an alternative to alcohol, removing the risks of hangovers, liver damage and loss of control.

Arkay was created by Reynald Vito Grattagliano an American genius who came up in 2007 with the idea to use Capsaicin to reproduce the kick and burn of the alcohol.

While ArKay is not a medicine and does not pretend to be, ArKay leaves drinkers feeling good and not intoxicated or drunk, it contain 0 % Alcohol and mimics normal alcohol, taste without the ill effects, without damaging your liver and your heart.”

Arkay drink is not a derivative of benzodiazepine like it has been wrongfully said in the press – Arkay drink is a safe derivate of capsaicin which is an active component of chili peppers, also now as red pepper commonly used in cooking.

We would like to inform consumers around the world that Arkay is not any way connected with ‘Alcosynth’  a molecule that has been banned by the EEC regulators. Arkay W.A.R.M  molecule is safe because the extraction process of the capsaicin is done naturally but kept a trade secret ” said today Richard Simmons VP of sales at Arkay Beverages.

Experts worldwide believe that Arkay could eventually become a good alternative to alcohol and potentially save thousands of lives, in fact Arkay is already on the market and available on line at

“’Arkay has been approved because it comply with government regulations encouraging of new products that are safer than the vices they’re competing with’’ said Richard Simmons during a press conference in Mexico.

ArKay is an alcohol free flavored drink which is designed to imitate all the positive effects of liquor and remove the risks of hangover and loss of control.

No pain, no weight gain?

By Lisa Drayer, #nutritionist , an author and a CNN health and nutrition contributor.

Capsaicin is the compound in chili peppers that is responsible for the burning sensation we experience when eating them. The compound has the ability to suppress sweet taste, which could also explain some findings.
But while some may enjoy the heat that capsaicin produces, it may also come with an unintended consequence.
“Capsaicin helps fight pain. Most of the time, you hear about this as a topical cream, but eating chili peppers also has benefits. It may be that when the pain goes away, you’re stimulated to consume more sweet foods,” said Mary-Jon Ludy, an associate professor of clinical nutrition at Bowling Green State University.
In a meta-analysis, involving more than 70 studies, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the McCormick Science Institute, researchers state that the balance of the literature suggests the capsaicin suppresses appetite, though the magnitude of the effects is small. “Purposeful inclusion of these compounds in the diet may aid weight management, albeit modestly,” the study stated.
(Note that the National Institutes of Health is a federal government agency, and the McCormick Science Institute is an independent research organization that is owned and funded by spice product manufacturer McCormick & Co. Inc. The company said it does not influence the science institute’s research priorities.)
The meta-analysis included the Danish study that found increased sugar cravings among those who consumed spicy meals. But it also included a study that found adding spice can actually curb sugar cravings. In that study, when people added half a teaspoon of red pepper to their lunch, they had a decreased desire to eat sugary, fatty and salty foods, and ate about 70 fewer calories at their next meal. The effects were seen only among those who didn’t regularly consume red pepper.
“I think that there’s something in the novelty of the stimulus that would allow you to eat less,” said Ludy, who authored the study and the meta-analysis. “In terms of the work with red pepper, I think that that’s an important piece of the puzzle. If you are adding a spicy meal every couple of weeks, it might be enough to have an effect … but if you have it every day, the effect goes away, because you get used to it.”

A little dash will do ya

To get started with spice, Ludy recommends sprinkling red pepper flakes into eggs in the morning. You can also use spice when making a rub for meat or when seasoning vegetables, soups, pasta or curry dishes.
She also recommends adding red pepper flakes to a meal in anticipation of a tempting dessert. “It may give you that extra piece of security,” she said. Though not specific to sweet taste, cinnamon, ginger and saffron are other pungent spices with appetite suppressive effects, according to Ludy.
However you choose to use spice, it’s wise to start slowly. “Remember that a tiny bit of spice can go a long way!” Ludy said. If the heat is an issue, you can calm your taste buds by pairing hot spices with healthy fats, such as avocados and nuts, according to Ludy. “They help break down the chemical that causes the burn.”