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How Arkay Alcohol Free Spirits are shaking up the Market in partnership with ESPN New York and Fox Business News

How Arkay Alcohol Free Spirits are shaking up the Market in partnership with ESPN New York and Fox Business News

The market of zero proof is booming, meaning it’s never been easier to serve sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks.

The recent success of Arkay a non-alcoholic liquor launched by Reynald Vito Grattagliano height years ago was featured recently by



The drink is now on offer in over 10,000 bars, restaurants and hotels around the world.



Arkay in cooperation with

Arkay in cooperation with



New York is promoting Alcohol Free Liquors in bars and restaurants within the metropolitan area .



Since 2011 Arkay sales worldwide

Since 2011 Arkay sales worldwide are exponential and we anticipate that over 27 million Arkay bottles of alcohol free spirits will be sold across the globe by 2021 reaching $1 billion in revenues.

Arkay is Halal and SFDA approved and very successful in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Halal has become a big business for Arkay


“Society is now at the beginning of a giant shift in the role drinks play in our lives and the bigger cultural forces at work mean the need for quality, adult no-alcoholic options has certainly never been more pertinent” 

Reynald Vito Grattagliano said "We are proud to be leading the way in the 120 international marketsArkay is now available in"


Since 2011 ArKay is the pioneer in the brave new alcohol free spirit world with a collection of thirty six different varieties of alcohol free spirits

Such as

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Arkay Presents at GulFood Manufacturing in Dubai

Arkay presents at the largest and most influential trade show for the food processing and manufacturing sector in the MENASA region.

Launched in 2014 and already endorsed by 1,500 international suppliers from over 60 countries, it recognises the region’s ripe business potential as a leading international manufacturing and processing hub to serve domestic and international demand.

In addition to the 35,000 qualified food manufacturers expect at Gulfood Manufacturing who will actively be seeking the solutions you provide, you will also have direct access to a bonus 15,000+ buyer footfall from 4 co-located shows running alongside Gulfood Manufacturing. These show focus on the gourmet, seafood, confectionery and snack industries.

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Visit Website :

Arkay drink, the new breed of non alcoholic liquor, an alternative to traditional alcoholic tipples.

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Arkay Stays current with technology and trends

Stay current with technology and trends .

That #partnership has now culminated in an agreement to buy 100 king 100 #Nikola #hydrogentrucks to cart ArKay drinks around the US…

An American #alcoholfree_liquor maker ArKay Beverages has its finger on the pulse, its latest move in the area involving a pre-order of hundreds of hydrogen-electric #trucks from startup NikolaMotors.

Responsible for labels like ArKay #alcoholFree_Whisky and #Vodka#alcoholfree_beers Arkay has quite a bit of #cargo to move on any given day, and for a little while now it has been looking for smarter ways to do so.

That partnership has now culminated in an agreement to buy 100 #HydrogenElectric_Trucks from the Utah-based startup