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The world’s largest alcohol-free spirits company is now moving Beyond Spirits

The world's largest alcohol-free spirits company is now moving Beyond Spirits

The American company ArKay, pioneers in alcohol-free spirits, is capitalizing on the success of Beyond Meat and launching Beyond Spirits. Slated as a premium line to their already robust catalog of imitation spirits, Beyond Spirits will further solidify their position as the foremost producer of Alcohol-Free Liquor. Beyond Spirits is set to capture the attention of millennials who have already proven their loyalty to their health by stepping away from alcohol. Beyond Spirits is planned to be rolled out alongside their ArKay flagship brand this Spring.

This line will consist of several alcohol-free beverage similar to their premium spirited counterparts, tequila, vodka, whisky, brandy, rum, etc….. These Beyond Spirits drinks will launch in 12 European markets starting in March, and North America in April.

Having launched the ArKay brand in 2011, they solidified their leadership in the burgeoning market of complex Zero proof drinks.

ArKay is now looking to ease its induction to mainstream culture by looking to the success of Impossible Foodsand Beyond Meat, to help consumers understand this new market and what it means to have an option everyone wanted but no one thought was possible.

“Very soon Beyond Spirits is going to be available at retailers everywhere” said Reynald GrattaglianoCompany Founder.

Speaking on the Zero Proof market, the famous alcohol beverage company, Pernod Ricard gave a nod to ArKay by saying “The movement started from the United States, as usual.”

Reynald Vito Grattagliano, a French born US citizen, came up with W.A.R.M, an additive to give the flavor and the physical warm effect of alcohol, in 2007. W.A.R.M., which is sugar and calorie free, mimics the warmth that is associated with drinking alcoholic beverages. In 2011 this became the cornerstone of the Alcohol-Free Liquors known today as ArKay.

Beyond Spirits is taking things a step further using W.A.R.M in a more advanced way. Slated as a premium line Beyond Spirits, promises to be even more delicate and complex. While most of the alcohol-free beverages on the market today are being made to mix, Beyond Spirits is set to be a standalone in its own right.

With plans to package Beyond Spirits in a Top Shelf manner, mimicking top of the line liquor bottle styles, Alcohol-Free can live in the same sexy spaces as premium alcohols. “To separate Alcohol-Free options from the social spaces that built the culture of alcohol, or to offer products that are made to only be mixed, is selling the idea of Zero Proof short” said Reynald, the visionary behind Beyond Spirits. “By making a premium alcohol-free brand, that can compete with the myriad of premium alcohols on the market today, we are inviting people to have true connections in a world increasingly disconnected.”

Mindfulness is at the core of Beyond Spirits, because connecting with your neighbor at the pub is important but ingesting alcohol isn’t. Now you can enjoy your evening with friends and neighbors and have a new option.

Increasing numbers of people are choosing to move beyond spirits already, according to a 2019 Distill Ventures study, 58% of consumers are drinking more no-and low-abv drinks than last year, and 55% of the most influential bartenders in New York, Los Angeles and London believe the no-and low-alcohol trend will continue to grow within the next 12 months. Distill venture is owned by Diageo.

Beyond Spirits is truly the first Alcohol Free spirit line that can stand alone but can easily be added to any premium Zero-Proof cocktails. Beyond Spirits is connecting the dots to a more mindful life. Your events no longer have to attract guests with endless booze. Increasing numbers of people are looking for fun, yet non-alcoholic events. Beyond Spirits is already connecting with art galleries and local pubs offering upcoming alcohol-free events.

Creative cocktails and classic mixed drink recipes are available Ahead of this launch ArKay has beverages and recipes that teetotalers, designated drivers, and soon to be moms can enjoy.

Written by: MartinJon The Recovery Mentor

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Expecting Massive Growth for the Alcohol Free Spirits in India

Expecting Massive Growth for the Alcohol Free Spirits in India

By Reynald Vito Grattagliano Arkay Beverages’ Founder

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Alcohol Free Spirits refers to flavoured beverage in a ready-to-drink format. It can come in different flavour variants, such as Whisky, Brandy, Gin, Vodka, Rum, and Tequila among others. Alcohol Free Spirits are steadily increasing in popularity among consumers and sales are expected to continue to grow. Alcohol free Spirits is seeing mounting demand owing to the busy and fast-paced lifestyle of consumers, and also as an alternative to liquors and cocktails, in particular, is considered as a vital health drink.

With the opening of Arkay Beverages in New Delhi Arkay Beverages is going to target over 300 million Indian consumers who does not drink for health or religious reasons.

As a matter of fact the per capita alcohol consumption in India increased two folds between 2005 and 2016, according to the Global status report on alcohol and health 2018 released by the World Health Organization (WHO) last month.Indians consumed 2.4 litres of alcohol in 2005, which increased to 4.3 litres in 2010 and scaled up to 5.7 litres in 2016, the report said. More than 3 million people died in India as a result of harmful use of alcohol in 2016, more than three quarters of those reported dead were men. Overall, the harmful use of alcohol causes more than 5% of the global disease burden.The report highlighted that 51.1 men per 100,000 population and 27.1 women per 100,000 population suffered from liver cirrhosis. Cancers associated with alcohol abuse resulted in 181 men per 100,000 population and 126.4 women per 100,000 population.Of all deaths due to alcohol, 28% were from injuries, such as those from traffic crashes, self-harm and interpersonal violence; 21% due to digestive disorders; 19% due to cardiovascular diseases, and the remaining due to infectious diseases, cancers, mental disorders and other health conditions.“Far too many people, their families and communities suffer the consequences of the harmful use of alcohol through violence, injuries, mental health problems and diseases such as cancer and stroke,” according to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general, WHO. “It’s time to step up action to prevent this serious threat to the development of healthy societies.”Here comes Arkay Beverages with an Alternative for People with Problems with Alcohol and offering a smart and healthy option to alcoholism around the world.

Millions of consumers worldwide are drinking ArKay every day; the main reason is that ArKay is the best alternative to hard liquors, in fact ArKay is the world’s first company with this unique proposition.The design of ArKay was to allow anyone with medical conditions or with religious beliefs to drink without guilt, and for people with drinking problems, as well as recovering addicts that are willing to quit or simply for people that want to keep sober such as teetotalers and pregnant women.

.ArKay tastes like liquor; millions of people are drinking ArKay every day because it has the same kick and burn in the mouth as the real thing but none of the effects. ArKay is a healthy option as well, besides being 100% alcohol free it doesn’t contain fat, carbs, sodium and sugar. Arkay is Gluten Free and Friendly veggie. ArKay makes a delicious, figure-friendly drink on its own, or when mixed with other low-cal, no-cal , No alcohol beverages, ArKay is great for cocktails , beside the fact that Arkay is Halal!

The beverage’s popularity has allowed the company to expand upon its operations which began with the opening in 2011 of a headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. ArKay has since opened offices in France, Mexico, USA, and has established manufacturing bases in Mexico for the glass bottle products while the mocktails ‘’ready to drink’’ concoction will be produced in India.ArKay has secured distribution agreements in many countries around the world as well as some Middle Eastern countries where some nations have exceedingly strict rules governing the consumption of alcohol. ArKay, of course, poses no legal consequences for consumers .It also poses no health consequences as it is sugar-free, carb-free, sodium-free, zero alcohol and has zero calories

ArKay’s ability to mimic any liquor flavoring is credited to the blending of flavors and creation of the new molecule called W.A.R.M.

That molecule will now figure in other products ArKay is bringing to market. ArKay is following its whisky-flavored success with a new line of alcohol-free vodka, tequila, gin, rums, brandy and Pina Colada mix, ready to drink. What other companies did for beer, ArKay has done with spirits, but to another degree, ArKay has essentially invented an entire new beverage category of alcohol-free liquors.

ArKay is currently seeking additional distributors in India and unlike alcohol, ArKay isn’t constrained by strict market regulations allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere. Therefore Arkay invites Indian beverages and food distributors to contact the company to start the process to secure sole distribution rights in their city or state.

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It’s not Alcohol. It’s Arkay

It’s not Alcohol.
It’s Arkay!

I take a look at the company

Their inspiration and history to find out how they have revolutionised the spirit industry.

have positioned themselves as the leaders in a rather niche market. As the world’s first 0% ABV non-alcoholic spirit, Arkay have become specialists in a market ripe for the taking

Alcohol consumption is down around the world

as Millennials and Generation Z turn away from the behaviours of their parents towards an altogether healthier path, preferring alcohol-free alternatives. Since 2011, Arkay have been the pioneers at the forefront of this new market, and today, they boast a wide variety of alcohol-free spirits including: whisky, vodka, brandy, rum, amaretto, gin, bourbon and tequila – to name but a few, perfect for even the most discerning of tastes.

Arkay’s success, arguably, has been down to the strength of their core vision and ethos

The company’s founder, Reynald Vito Grattagliano, was one of a few that realised this shift in taste before it became the norm. All in all, Arkay is a reflection of Reynald in more ways than one. Its worldwide appeal acts as a mirror to his experiences as a young boy travelling around Europe and the Middle East before settling in the United States.

Learn more…

Arkay's success

Its ability to mimic the ‘kick’ and flavour of alcohol, without any of the negative effects

contains no sugar, no fat, no calories, no additive chemicals – no side effects at all

It closely follows the European Economic Community (EEC) and the US Food and Drug Administration regulations

being both Halal and Kosher

Gluten Free and Friendly veggies

Glass Bottle Arkay is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity

More than anything, Arkay feels like a triumph in timing, talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Its meteoric rise in popularity came at just the right time, when consumers were eager for new blood – to taste something different that disrupts the traditionally stable marketplace. How long has it been since a truly new product entered the beverage market, enticing a new wave of consumers to adopt a new favourite? The last eight years have certainly proved the perfect litmus test, showcasing that there is a desire for non-alcoholic beverages that feel, distinctly, grown up, sitting proudly alongside the industry’s mainstays.

Thriving under these market conditions, Arkay has solidified itself as a real contender, moving to conquer the alcoholic beverages sector with a confidence that few can match. It seems certain then that Arkay’s goals to become the number one beverage company are not just pipe dreams, but a possibility.

No small feat indeed for a drink that was created from an off-hand joke 🙂