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Invest in Arkay Drinks

Invest In Arkay Drinks

How do you make smart decisions, keep your shirt, and make money?

The world is on the cusp of zero-alcohol spirits being mainstream with Arkay Beverages


Arkay Beverages is the creator of the new concept of alcohol free liquors when back in 2007 the company founder started to work on the W.A.R.M molecule which is a replacement of the alcohol.


Arkay feel and taste like real liquor, it has the same burn and kick than alcohol but with none of the negative effects.

Arkay is for everyone since it can be consumed all night long without any intoxicating effects and no hangover guaranteed.

This charming beverage contains :

0% Alcohol,

 0% Calories,

 0% Carbs

 0% Sugar,

 0% sweetener,

Gluten-free, Friendly vegan

ArKay, unlike alcohol, isn’t constrained by strict market regulations, allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere such as coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, bars, liquor stores, grocery stores,
night club, universities campuses and hotels.


What other companies did for beer, ArKay has done with spirits to a further degree.


ArKay has essentially invented an entire new beverage category of alcohol-free liquors


Since its creation in 2011 Arkay has enjoyed an exponential growth and millions of people drink Arkay every day.


Arkay is a Global Brand available worldwide in over 120 countries


Arkay is launching this September a multi-million dollars worldwide 
advertising campaign in cars, airlines and yacht 
magazines reaching over 100 million readers each month. 


Arkay Drinks are approved by EEC Food Regulators, FDA Food & Drug Administration in the USA

and SFDA Saudi Food & Drug Authority

Arkay is Halal



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Smile magazine

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Alcohol- Free Tennessee Honey Whisky

ARKAY TENNESSEE HONEY is an alcohol free honey liqueur that is blended with the famous ARKAY Tennessee whisky flavored drink.


It is a perfect marriage of real Honey and blended with the one and only ARKAY Tennessee Whisky Flavored Drinks.

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If you’ve shied away from similar whisky’s on the market, give this one a try. It will certainly appeal to both whisky aficionados and those new to the world of non-alcoholic whisky.


The Sweet Taste of ARKAY Tennessee Honey Flavored Drink

Since it is blended with real honey, Arkay Tennessee Honey is technically an alcohol free whiskey liqueur. It is a spirit created by the whiskey makers at ArKay, made with real honey and their famous ArKay Tennessee Whiskey flavored drink.


ArKay Tennessee Honey features a light, sweet honeyed aroma.


Drinking ArKay Tennessee Honey

When it comes to enjoying ArKay Tennessee Honey, the possibilities are endless and have yet to be fully explored. It is a valuable asset to any bar as a straight sipper and a cocktail mixer.

ArKay Tennessee Honey is billed as both a cold shot and a sipping alcohol free whiskey. While it’s pleasant when chilled, this does dull the honey flavor, which is nice at times but not always desirable. For an ultra-smooth shot, certainly, serve it as cold as possible. When you want a flavorful whiskey-backed, sweetened sipper, don’t go too cold. Stick with a single ice cube and all will be fine.

[success]ARKAY TENNESSEE HONEY is a Brillant Alternative Drink for Everyone[/success]