What does working with ARKAY mean for you?

Arkay Drinks gives you the freedom to be an entrepreneur in your market

From initial site selection to developing a business plan to training of sales personnel, our knowledgeable and experienced business development staff assists every step of the way.

As partners, we believe in long-term relationships and a strong spirit of collaboration created through a number of programs to help our bottling network achieve their goals.

To help our partners get the very best out of these programs, our team maintains a hands-on presence and is the liaison between our bottling partners and our experts in support services.

In highly competitive marketplaces, establishing strong brands recognition is critical to fully maximize the earning power of our brands. Our team has experts in all brand building techniques to create a lasting impression.

Our partners enjoy ongoing support in key marketing and areas such as advertising, sales promotion, point-of-sale materials, marketing campaigns, packaging design, merchandising, and sales promotion, just to name a few

We take the creation and communication of our unique visual brand identity very seriously; at the same time, we work closely with our business partners to develop marketing plans appropriate to their local markets and budgets

Our team of experts are on call to provide assistance through the entire bottling process helping to safeguard the quality of the finished product and to ensure our partner facilities meet or exceed international, national and local regulations.

While product quality is their top priority, our technical team works with our partners to find ways to increase bottling line productivity, while reducing costs to the bottom line. Rigorous quality control testing on all water and product samples ensures beverages are consistent and provides maximum flavor in every market. With our extensive training and research, our experts can alert our partners on cutting edge technical advancement and advice on the best tools to help plants efficiently operate.

ARKAY Alcohol Free Flavored Collection:

330 ml and 350 ml glass bottles alcohol free beers and cocktails flavored drinks

330 ml and 350 ml aluminum cans alcohol free beers and cocktails flavored

330 ml, 350 ml and 600 ml PET bottles cocktails and sodas flavored drinks

Cocktails - Cans &
Glass bottles

Flavors available

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