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Arkay releases its First American Whisky


We got pretty excited when ARKAY started delivering alcohol free booze right to our door—but now the WORLD’S LARGEST ALCOHOL FREE WHISKY PRODUCER may have announced one of its most exciting features yet.

ARKAY has teamed up with ALCOHOL FREE SPIRITS to announce its first exclusive bottling of its first AMERICAN WHISKY. The limited-edition expression is not fermented and is bottled at 0 % ABV, it is 100 % ALCOHOL FREE, and it is Halal and Kosher conformed.


The best way to experience our wide collection of Alcohol Free Liquor is to visit the store. Follow the Collection and deals and choose the most enticing flavor to satisfy your palate.

The bottle is available for $40.

Use coupon ‘thanksgiving‘. $10 OFF expires on November 22nd. ‘Act Fast!’

It’s said to feature aromas of candied apple, honey and light peat smoke, with a palate of “rich toffee, wild honey and exotic spices.”

There could be a big future in alcohol free booze for Arkay, as it’s also the main online retailer for Japanese Whisky, Canadian Whisky, Tennessee Whisky and Bourbon Whisky.

The limited release is available worldwide across the globe.

Zero Alcohol – Zero Sugar – Zero Carb – Gluten Free – Friendly Veggies

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Is Arkay the Best American Whiskey Maker 2018?

Arkay the Best American Whiskey Maker 2018

Glass #1

Alcohol Free ArKay Original Bourbon Whisky flavored drink I found it to be extremely smooth and was stunned how balanced it was. The nose simply breathed alcohol, and the palate was so corn forward that I could get the slight hint of vanilla it offered. A

With Glass # 3

Alcohol Free ArKay American Whisky Flavored drink its beautiful mouthfeel dripped down the jawline like butter, and the baking spice explosion just rocked the back palate. Still it had a nice finish, and I love it when a whiskey teases the senses and brings you to the edge with so much promise.

Glass # 2

Alcohol Free ArKay Tennessee Flavored drink was a lovely step up from the previous taste. Its malt note, caramel and dried fruit were charming, and I earmarked it to be a contender.

Alcohol Free Bourbon’s gotten out of hand


The initial feedback was about what I expected

Many nominations for :

Alcohol Free Bourbon Whisky is not made from distillation. It is 100 % Alcohol Free, good for everyone . It is made with real American corn, wheat and oak flavors with a hint of caramel natural flavoring blended with spring water that comes from an underground source that is find in the country side of Mexico.

Arkay Alcohol Free Tennessee Whisky is not made from distillation therefore Arkay Tennessee Whisky contains Zero % ABV / Zero Alcohol, it is good for everyone and can be consumed anywhere. It is made with real American corn, wheat flavors and with a hint of Tennessee oak natural flavoring blended with spring water.

Arkay Alcohol Free American Whisky is not made from distillation it is 100 % Alcohol Free,iIt is made with real American corn, wheat and oak flavors and a hint of caramel natural flavoring blended with spring water that comes from an underground source that is find in the country side of Mexico.

.....Going into the tasting.
I had an inkling for ArKay Original Bourbon Whisky.........

To find out, I had to begin my comparative. 


My lowest two scores were #2 and #3.

 I tasted them first to see which I liked better, immediately moving glass #1 to the first spot. 

The more I tasted #1, the more I liked it. 

The creamy mouthfeel with lingering sweetness just carried to a long finish.

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Invest in Arkay Drinks

Invest In Arkay Drinks

How do you make smart decisions, keep your shirt, and make money?

The world is on the cusp of zero-alcohol spirits being mainstream with Arkay Beverages


Arkay Beverages is the creator of the new concept of alcohol free liquors when back in 2007 the company founder started to work on the W.A.R.M molecule which is a replacement of the alcohol.


Arkay feel and taste like real liquor, it has the same burn and kick than alcohol but with none of the negative effects.

Arkay is for everyone since it can be consumed all night long without any intoxicating effects and no hangover guaranteed.

This charming beverage contains :

0% Alcohol,

 0% Calories,

 0% Carbs

 0% Sugar,

 0% sweetener,

Gluten-free, Friendly vegan

ArKay, unlike alcohol, isn’t constrained by strict market regulations, allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere such as coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, bars, liquor stores, grocery stores,
night club, universities campuses and hotels.


What other companies did for beer, ArKay has done with spirits to a further degree.


ArKay has essentially invented an entire new beverage category of alcohol-free liquors


Since its creation in 2011 Arkay has enjoyed an exponential growth and millions of people drink Arkay every day.


Arkay is a Global Brand available worldwide in over 120 countries


Arkay is launching this September a multi-million dollars worldwide 
advertising campaign in cars, airlines and yacht 
magazines reaching over 100 million readers each month. 


Arkay Drinks are approved by EEC Food Regulators, FDA Food & Drug Administration in the USA

and SFDA Saudi Food & Drug Authority

Arkay is Halal



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