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Testimonial – Arkay Beverages


Arkay Alcohol-Free Liquors Buy 3 Get $20 Off | Pick & Choose| Free Shipping

$120.00 $100.00



We recently held 2 events, one at our local hospital.

We took the Rum, Vodka and Brandy.

Those that tried them were surprised that they still got the burn as you would with an alcoholic spirit. Most people tried them with a mixer although some drank it neat but felt that the Rum and the Brandy needed a bit more taste. Everyone said that they smelled just like an alcoholic spirit and that was positive.

We have more events booked through the summer so will let you know in due course how we get on.



Victoria Henley

Community Safety Officer (NELC) –


Shout Out!!!!
Gypsy MC International Club !!!!!
Don’t Drink and Ride,
Unless It’s ArKay!!!!!






My father has Parkinson he cannot drink any kind of liquors because he is under medical treatment since I discovered ARKAY my father is having every night a glass of alcohol-free vodka, this makes him very happy and he has again a smile on his face.







I was very excited to find your company as there are not any other alcohol free spirits.

Due to medical issues neither my husband or I should drink, so this was an amazing find.

I was told that the bottles have a shelf life of 3 months after opening, we don’t go through the liquor as often, so I was wondering if you would put out smaller sizes?

Also a while ago, I saw that you were working on beer and wine, any idea as to when those will be available for sale?

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