We got pretty excited when ARKAY started delivering alcohol free booze right to our door—but now the WORLD’S LARGEST ALCOHOL FREE WHISKY PRODUCER may have announced one of its most exciting features yet.

ARKAY has teamed up with ALCOHOL FREE SPIRITS to announce its first exclusive bottling of its first AMERICAN WHISKY. The limited-edition expression is not fermented and is bottled at 0 % ABV, it is 100 % ALCOHOL FREE, and it is Halal and Kosher conformed.


The best way to experience our wide collection of Alcohol Free Liquor is to visit the store. Follow the Collection and deals and choose the most enticing flavor to satisfy your palate.

The bottle is available for $40.

Use coupon ‘thanksgiving‘. $10 OFF expires on November 22nd. ‘Act Fast!’

It’s said to feature aromas of candied apple, honey and light peat smoke, with a palate of “rich toffee, wild honey and exotic spices.”

There could be a big future in alcohol free booze for Arkay, as it’s also the main online retailer for Japanese Whisky, Canadian Whisky, Tennessee Whisky and Bourbon Whisky.

The limited release is available worldwide across the globe.

Zero Alcohol – Zero Sugar – Zero Carb – Gluten Free – Friendly Veggies

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