Reynald married Sylvie in June 2011


“We like to make art and we like to stay out too late laughing. We are 2, husband and wife, we’re passionate foodies and impressive, good cooks so  Arkay started in our kitchen lab more than a decade ago.

The goal wasn’t only to replace liquor – don’t take us wrong! — But to add a new twist to our cocktail. Another simple way to mark a moment.

Good enough, right? Yes, not so simple. It took more than one year and hundreds of errors to perfect our recipes.

Arkay is made with the finest ingredients because we care what we put in our glass, our recipes are labors of love and ingenuity. (Reynald the husband is a perfumer and a self-made scientist, Sylvie the wife is a fantastic French cook )

Because we care what we drink and eat, our flavors and ingredients are all-natural with no allergens, no sugar, not fat, no carbs, no sweeteners, no alcohol. The result is a spirit alternative that delivers the flavor and experience of the original, without the alcohol.

And because life is beautiful, our company is still husband and wife.

There are just more of us now.”


Sylvie & Reynald

Together invested five million dollars for the research and development of the W.A.R.M molecule.

Arkay is today the world’ most successful beverages company, the W.A.R.M creation added to aromas and Reynald’s expertise makes it the world’s first alcohol free spirit. 


It is today’s trend, safe for women and men, it is complicated yet so simple to make. 

It appeals to any culture, at any age, a reflection of Reynald’s worldwide expertise. 

Along its unique character, Reynald’s alcohol free spirits are marketed in the US and worldwide in a unique way, primarily via the internet, its packaging is also distinctive including the industry first temper proof cap with a unique bottle shape .

farkay amily business

Our Best Friends ….for ever

arkay family business
Arkay Products
More about Arkay Alcohol-Free Spirit


Arkay will not affect your libido!

Faux Spirits : 100% spirit free, with no allergens, no GMO ingredients, gluten-free and ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, ZERO sweetener. Friendly veggies.

Fun and entertaining beverages for everyone, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Arkay Alcohol-Free Spirit  is perfect for modern Art Cocktails , the taste gives you the same sensation as any other alcohol based cocktails served today.

  • Arkay Alcohol-Free Spirit is great to enjoy with a group of friends, ArKay is worry free and guilt free. With ArKay you don’t have to choose between having fun and being safe.

  • Arkay Alcohol-Free Spirit is for all barmen, mixologist, women etc. Whether you are a weight watcher, carb counter, or simply the DD of the night, Arkay will always be your best Wingman!

The ArKay W.A.RM. Molecule is the alcohol replacement that warms and burns like a real liquor.

When tasting and in contact with the tongue, the W.A.R.M. molecule sends stimuli to the brain with a warm burn, and taste, which makes consumers believe they are drinking alcohol.

 ArKay Products are pasteurized and have a two-year shelf life.   


How To Enjoy:

On the rocks, or with your favorite premium mixer.


Arkay  cocktail  recipes video  : Click Here


More Recipes  →Cocktails ideas 

Bottle Size: 33 FL OZ

Alc Vol: 0.0 ABV

Servings Per bottle: 33

Serving Size: 1 FL OZ

Nutrition Facts% Daily Value
Sodium: 0g0 %
Carbohydrate: 0g0 %
Sugar: 0g0 %
Protein: 0g0 %

Always Free-Shipping

Storage Conditions

Some Alcohol is Not the Same as No Alcohol and the Body Knows

Over the past couple of years, increasing numbers of alcohol-free spirits hit the shelves. 

Not all of these are equally alcohol-free, no matter the legal claim that is being made.

Legally, in the United States, and other countries, any product with 0.5%ABV can claim it is alcohol-free.

This designation is due to the idea that you cannot get “drunk” on a product with so little alcohol.

But alcohol-free spirits that have a 0.5%ABV only weaken the body, with no gains. 

The ability to get drunk on a product is not the point of the label “Alcohol-Free.”

And this is where ArKay Beverages has the edge over most of their competitors – they only sell beverages that are 100% alcohol-free, absolutely zero alcohol.

Alcohol-Free Flavored Drink – Truly Zero Proof- Zero Sugar-Zero Alcohol-Zero Fat- Zero Guilt

Reynald Grattagliano ‘Arkay Founder invented this reverse engineering concept in 2011, and it is the best way to produce a great alcohol-free spirit.

“Arkay Beverages is blending aromas and adding at the same time a proprietary molecule that tastes and smells identically to alcohol,” Reynald explains.

“The result is phenomenal because the drink has truly the same taste and burn as the real thing. It is a true 0% alcohol zero proof drink, and besides being delicious, it also gives the sensation of the burn of the alcohol, it is the safest drink of the alcohol-free spirits category.”

About ArKay Beverages Alcohol-Free Spirits 

Since 2011, Arkay Beverages has been fine-tuning various zero-proof spirit recipes, including vodka, tequila, gin, whisky, bourbon, and brandy, amongst many others, for the appreciation of fine liquor without the alcohol.

ArKay, the world’s first alcohol-free, liquor-flavored drink is designed for everyone to enjoy. The exceptional taste of liquor without the alcohol content makes it a perfect beverage day or night.

ArKay has 0% alcohol, and it is designed to allow individuals with medical conditions or religious beliefs that prohibit alcohol consumption and drink.

Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite liquor drink at parties without worrying about drinking and driving.

You won’t miss a thing, as ArKay tastes and looks as traditional liquor. It is suitable for drinking straight-up, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixers.

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