Arkay consignment program.

Arkay consignment program is tailored for:

food & beverages businesses


sober bars



amusement parks

grocery stores

and much more…

If you own or operate a food & beverages business, or if you plan to open in the new future a sober bar, kiosk, restaurant, hotel, grocery store or amusement park, Arkay consignment program allows you to build your initial inventory of alcohol-free spirits on consignment without having to pay anything

You will pay only what you sell

How Does Arkay Consignment Work?

Sales revenue is split according to a contract signed between You and Arkay. 

Usually you make 40 % profit without having to invest a dime

Need advice on how to get set up?

Request a callback and one of our retail specialists will get in touch.

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A Zero-Proof Beverage flavored to resemble all the alcohols you‘re familiar with.

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