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Alcohol Replacement Program

Alcohol replacement Experience is Guaranteed

Unforgettable Alcohol Substitution
experience is guaranteed!

Welcome to Arkay website of the truly family run business, we aim to craft a friendly beverage for people wanting to play with new recipes for cooking with our alcohol replacement.

Arkay alcohol replacement program

Arkay is the global authority on alcohol free spirits trends.
We help change the world so consumers can get a better life.

Passing in Social Situations


Served in the right glass might be a good replacement to alcohol and can be served as cocktail.



Replacing Alcoholic Beverages with Arkay Zero proof Spirits


Alcohol Substitutions In Cooking

with Arkay 100% Alcohol Free Alternative

Arkay alcohol replacement program

Alcohol Substitutions In Cooking

Substitute with 2 tablespoons ARKAY Alcohol free Amaretto

Substitute with 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of ARKAY Alcohol free Whisky and 1/8 table spoon vanilla

Substitute with 2 tablespoons of ARKAY Alcohol free Brandy

Substitute with 2 tablespoons of  ARKAY Alcohol free Coffee Liqueur

Substitute with 3 tablespoons of ARKAY Alcohol free brandy and add some juice of peaches or apricots

Substitute with 1tablespoon ARKAY alcohol free blue curacao and orange juice or frozen orange juiceconcentrate.

Substitute with 1 tablespoon of ARKAY Alcohol free peppermint

Substitute 2 tablespoons of ARKAY Alcohol free orange napoleon

Substitute with  ARKAY Alcohol free peppermint

Substitute with ARKAY Alcohol free Rum.

Substitute with 1 to 2 teaspoons vanilla extract and 1 table spoon of ARKAY Alcohol free  whisky

Substitute with peach flavored nectar combined with a small amount of ARKAY alcohol free whisky.

Substitute with 2 tablespoons of ARKAY alcohol free tequila

Substitute with Orange juice concentrate and 2 table spoons ARKAY alcohol free blue curacao.

Substitute with 1 tablespoon of ARKAY alcohol free whisky.

Substitute with 2 tablespoon of ARKAY alcohol free vodka.

Arkay Alcohol Substitute

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