It is safe, and smart, to drink ArKay

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"ArKay Alcohol Free beverages are 100% safe to consume during the coronavirus pandemic. ..”

We are being given so much information these days, some of which changes from day to day, and that can be overwhelming. Because ArKay is pasteurized, and contains no alcohol, you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing 0 Proof Cocktail and keep yourself safe. While choosing to drink ArKay you will be hydrating your body while staying healthy and alert for the things that really matter in your life.

Sophia, Arkay Team


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Pasteurizing cleans the product and the bottle making it 100% free of any germs, viruses, and bacteria.

 This means you can drink ArKay with the confidence of knowing that we at ArKay are dedicated to your health and wellness.

Because there is no alcohol in ArKay you will also not be tampering with your immune system. We at ArKay want to keep you alert and healthy, so you can attend to the things that matter most like the health and wellness of your family and neighbors.

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