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HEY 2020!

party today, 1-4. The cook shared the menu.

ArKay gallery sponsorship.


pimento cheese triangle tea sandwiches
Zingy dill country ham salad on pretzel buns
avocado butter on toast with tomato salsa (recipe Yottam Ottolenghi)
cauliflower tabbouleh 

cupcakes (8 permutations of vanilla, chocolate and liquorice)



*Our dedicated mixology habit enters a new phase with the sponsorship of ArKay Beverages, who provided generous product for us to experiment wildly. Thus far we’ve made house bitters (juniper, chai, hibiscus, and blue pea) and Steven has developed some typical layered cocktails— today will be a gin and tonic, an old fashioned, and an apple cider mule—all entirely alcohol free. 

We are calling them smARTtails because the gallery director can drink them just as fast as Steven can possibly mix… yet still speak clearly and run a credit card. It’s a beautiful thing.

Skeptics welcome; you are the challenge. 🙂


Thank you ArKay!

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