ArKay is proud to announce a partnership with MartinJon The Recovery Mentor. MartinJon, who is opening new market opportunities for ArKay around the world, is the pioneer of his Recover Yourself approach to long term recovery.

By adding the conversation of what we are “Recovering To,” beyond what we are “Recovering From,” MartinJon, who got sober in 2000, is changing the way we understand recovery today.

His podcast, Recover Yourself, dives deep into this conversation with the likes of Ruby Warrington (author of Sober Curios), Laura McKowen (author of We Are The Luckiest), as well as other authors and leading voices in the sober field. Self-awareness and clarity for all, not just those in recovery, is the passion that drives MartinJon to push his work far and wide.

MartinJon is currently in the market for the right agent and publisher for his upcoming book Recover Yourself: Refocus Your Life Now That You’re Sober  

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