Accredited Investor

Message for Pre- IPO Investors in the US, Canada and Worldwide

We are reaching out on behalf of Arkay Beverages Inc to tell you about an exciting investment opportunity. Arkay Beverages Inc is a leading global producer and distributor of alcohol-free liquor-flavored beverages. Arkay has started the process to be publicly traded on the US stock market, to finance the company expansion in order to remain the worldwide leader of the alcohol free adult beverages category. and you have the opportunity to purchase Arkay common shares pre-IPO. Offer not available for Investors located in Missouri and any other states where prohibited by law.

Arkay Beverage is seeking for 50 investors to purchase each 10,000 shares at $1/share based on a $100 Million company valuation, the pre-IPO shares shall be converted in publicly traded stock as soon as the company is listed on the OTC Market.

In the near future Arkay may move from OTC Market to a major exchange like New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to achieve a global expansion by opening numerous bottling plants and distribution centers all over the world

We’re very excited to be bringing a wave of variety to the adult beverage market with our alternative drinks. At the same time, we are reaching customers who would otherwise be unable to enjoy adult beverages due to limitations on their alcohol consumption

Arkay billboards are already live in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Nashville. We have a multimillion dollar marketing campaign ready to go to spread the word about Arkay to the mainstream

New York City - 1471 Broadway
Las Vegas - 3000 Paradise Road
Penn Plaza - 7Th Avenue and 34Th Street

The minimum investment for this pre-IPO opportunity is $10,000 per person with a cap of $10,000,000. Once Arkay is officially on the market, your shares will be converted into public shares. At that point you will be able to sell your shares for a profit. If you’re interested in this investment opportunity, please fill the form.

You will be redirected to the private placement memorandum and business plan that we have ready.


This is a federal government requirement for this type of offering for investors located in the USA & Canada