A Drink With Friends in Paris

A Drink With Friends in Paris That Never Ends!

ArKay Beverages is the world’s first non-alcoholic liquor flavored drink collection, that gives you all the alcoholic kick, with non of the next-day sick. ArKay spirits are the only alcohol substitute with the taste, kick and euphoric feeling one would normally have when drinking, without any of the side effects.

This means that you don’t have to worry about DUI’s or DWI’s either, they no longer exist in the world of ArKay Alcohol-Free spirits. 


0% alcohol – 0% calories – 0% sugar – 0% carb – gluten free – Friendly Veggies 

ArKay is Okay for Everyone


Paris- France –  La Capitale de l’ Amour,



Was Napoleon an orange liqueur man?

Like a good Frenchman should — so how would he feel about an orange liqueur being sold in his name?

Well, guess what: This liqueur was made especially for Napoleon Bonaparte, and wasn’t offered to sale to the public until 1892.

Mandarine Napoleon is essentially a Grand Marnier declination, though Marnier is a blend of straight orange liqueur and Cognac, Napoleon uses mandarins (hence the name). The mandarins used are sourced from Sicily and Corsica.

The Cognac used is a 10-year-old edition, which is quite aged and which, I would imagine, is used sparingly in the blend due to its relative cost. Artificial color is used to give it a deeper orange character.

The nose is pure tangerine, undercut with alcohol notes — understandable since this is bottled at 76 proof. On the body, more sweet citrus, with a rich, lightly oxidized body. Spices including cinnamon, licorice, and cloves, with plenty of sugar to sweeten the pot. The brandy mellows and enriches the concoction, giving it a warming, woody, and more exotic flavor.

The body is a bit on the syrupy side — common for orange liqueurs — but it isn’t cloying. The finish is of course quite sweet, and lasting like an orange hard candy.


If your do not have any Grand Marnier on hand surprisingly you prefer ARKAY  to compare this to directly, but it’s a decent approximation while offering its own spin on the formula thanks to its tangerine flavors.




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    Very interesting this product. I can not wait to taste these drinks ArKay Beverages.


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